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Play a Part in Rebuilding the New Orleans Music Scene

August 28, 2006, Starpulse News

It’s time to start the music up in New Orleans and we need your help! Southern Comfort, created in New Orleans, is launching the SoCo Music Fund to help raise awareness and funds for the musicians and music culture of the Big Easy. You can help by watching the “Start the Music Up” films, a collection of eight 3-5 minute films, and donating to the SoCo Music Fund. Help us rebuild the New Orleans music scene!

Each Start the Music Up story uses the voice of an artist or group, both speaking and performing, to explain some aspect of New Orleans music. The stories are comprised of performance footage inter-cut with interviews and background. Artists explain why the city is like no other, and why so many great artists either didn’t leave or are returning to New Orleans to start the music back up.

Watch the films for free at the SoCo Music Fund website ( With a donation of $10 or more, you’ll not only help rebuild the soul of this beloved American city, but you’ll also receive a copy of the “Start the Music Up” soundtrack CD**. By making a contribution today, you’re helping build the New Orleans Habitat for Humanity Musicians Village and support the New Orleans Musicians Hurricane Relief Fund.

“Music is important in terms of regenerating the ‘life’ of New Orleans,” Jordan Hirsch, Director, New Orleans Musicians Hurricane Relief Fund. “It is what connects the people to the city and it reminds us why we want to return and why we should rebuild. New Orleans’ music culture cannot be recreated anywhere else in the world.”

“The Southern Comfort Music Fund Presents…Start the Music Up films illustrate the diversity of musical genres and types of people that the New Orleans music scene is home to,” said Ann Stickler, Southern Comfort, VP, Global Marketing Director. “There are entire music genres and many legends that have come out of this city. We want to help keep that cradle of creativity alive in New Orleans.”

There are eight artists and bands featured in Start the Music Up, including Theresa Andersson, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Gravy, Hazard County Girls, Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes, Suplecs, Hot 8 Brass Band, and Cowboy Mouth. The first film was shot in October 2005 and includes footage from the first large music event in the city post-Katrina. The remaining films were filmed in the days leading up to the 2006 Jazz and Heritage Festival.

About SoCo Music Fund

The SoCo Music Fund was created to bring relief to the musicians of New Orleans. The fund is administered by Summit Marketing. Donations are accepted via web site by visiting Money raised through the SoCo Music Fund will be distributed to the New Orleans Habitat for Humanity for use towards the Musicians’ Village and the New Orleans Musicians Hurricane Relief Fund for immediate assistance to musicians. For more information on the fund, please visit the SoCo Music Fund web site. Donors contributing a minimum of $10 will receive a CD featuring New Orleans musicians, including many of the artists in Start the Music Up.